63 Golf Drive: Revolutionary Affordable Housing Project

Sixty Three Golf Drive in GurgaonEvery human on this Earth lives for his ambitions and dreams. They work hard their entire lifespan to fulfill their desires. Everyone on this Globe wants to live at a place which is owned by them at their aspired location. From the past few years, India has been a preferred place for resident holders because of its exquisite location and less costly living expenses compared to other countries of the world. The economy of the nation is booming at a very rapid pace. The country has turned out to be an ideal model of magnificent infrastructure. India is home for many affordable housing projects.


Gurgaon, popularly known as the call center capital of India, is the main metropolitan city of the country. The developing Information and Technology sector has provided boost to the economy of the city. Geographically the urban is located at the northern edge of Aravalli Hills. The city is well connected to the capital of India, New Delhi. The construction of Delhi – Gurgaon highway has made the connectivity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport easy. The living standards of the city are quite high and people here are fond of lavish pleasures. The urban provides a lot to its newcomers, who come here in search of better career prospective. Reputed realtors like the Bedarwals have established there residential ventures in the locality.

63 Golf Drive in Gurgaon

Sixty Three Golf Drive in Gurgaon has emerged as a valuable option for the masses who want to buy affordable resident in the metropolis. It has become a boon for the people who have very less savings and can’t have enough money for buying a luxurious expensive home. 63 Golf Drive provides all the modern day facilities like free parking, club, gymnasium, power backup, yoga and meditation center, kids playing arena, basketball court, tennis court and much more. The project is fully approved by the state government of Haryana. The highlight of the projec6t is that it provides all the luxurious amenities at the lowest prices. 63 Golf Drive is allotting flats through a procedure which will be governed by the Government of Haryana.

Why Buy Residence in 63 Golf Drive in Gurgaon?

India has boarded the bullet train of development from the past few years. It is progressing at a very rapid pace and has left many countries far behind in terms of advancement, which were once parallel to it. The economy of the country is booming at a swift speed and has outshined in the entire world. Foreign countries see India with a view of investment which will yield them high returns in the future. India has become a perfect hotspot for the real estate sector. The property bazaar of the country is getting hotter day by day. There is an immediate need for affordable housing projects in the nation.

Need of Affordable Housing in India

63 Golf Drive Affordable Housing Project in GurgaonIndia is the second most populated country in the entire human race. The population is still increasing at a very alarming rate. There has been a scarce requirement of affordable housing projects such as 63 Golf Drive in Gurgaon. Accommodation problems have started rising in India because of the rising populace. The property rates in the nation are touching sky scraping heights. People want to take advantage of the prosperous economy of the country and they are ready to buy property in India at any cost. Gurgaon is also a metropolitan of the country and is an ideal model of excellent infrastructure.  The standards of living of the city are quite high which tempts masses to have a residence here. Famous realtors like the Baderwals have set up their housing plans in the metropolis.

63 A Golf Drive Gurgaon

63A Golf Drive is a famous range of affordable residential apartments located in Sector 63A in Gurgaon. It is well equipped with all the current day luxury amenities such as clubs, gymnasium, yoga and meditation center, kids playing arena, basketball court, tennis court, free parking, power backup, swimming pool and many other features too. 63 Golf Drive in Gurgaon provides all the lavish facilities with a price that is just beyond your imaginations. There was no such revolution in the affordable housing segment, until the Baderwals came on the floor. The project is fully approved by the Haryana State Government under the Affordable housing Scheme Act. The residences in 63 A Golf Drive in Gurgaon will be allotted through a procedure which will be presided over by the government of Haryana.

Is 63 Golf Drive a Good Option to Invest?

Gurgaon has developed into a modern city and is termed as the call center capital of India. The metropolis is the financial and industrial hub of the state of Haryana. It is located near the capital of India, New Delhi that has lead to its popularity. This urban is located in the northern edge of Aravalli Hills. The Sultanpur national bird sanctuary is just 15 km away from the city. Gurgaon has received worldwide recognition in the field of information and technology. The metropolis is the core for many industries and sky scraping buildings. The real estate sector in the region is also booming at a very rapid pace. Many real estate firms have set up their housing plans in the city like the 63 golf drive in Gurgaon. The completion of Gurgaon-Delhi highway has made the city well accessible to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

 The property rates in the metro are rising at a very high speed. Reputed realtors of India such as the Bedarwals have started setting up their residential projects in Gurgaon.

63 Golf Drive

63 Golf DriveThe launch of 63 golf drive in Gurgaon has given birth to a revolution in the domain of affordable housing projects in the metropolis. This venture has given a ray of hope to the middle class people of Gurgaon who want to buy a house of their own. The project is equipped with all the luxuries but at very less costs. Sixty Three Golf Drive in Gurgaon has proved to be a boon for average income people. Owing to this reason, the residential scheme is very popular among the masses of the city and other parts of the NCR too. It provides all the basic and luxury amenities such as free parking, power backup, clubs, gymnasium, basketball court etc. The Baderwals have a status of providing quality work to their clients that makes 63 Golf Drive a very reliable project. The venture is fully approved by the Government of Haryana under the Affordable Housing act. All the process of allotment will also be governed by the Haryana State Government which makes it a 100 % legal venture.

Why 63A Golf Drive is the Best Housing Project for Buyers?

Sixty three A golf driveThere are several homes in the market and you have to find the one that is the best and most appropriate for every single purchaser and when you purchase the one, you will get full satisfaction. You really wish to buy the one that will be the best for you but it is not an easy task to do and to get the success, you have to traipse from dealer or market to another and then choose the one that you like the most. Sometimes, folks leave their home city and reach to the other place so that they may get the home that fulfills most of their needs. May be, you get completely tired while finding the home for your family and cannot go out for conduct a hunt. At that point of time, you are advised to go to the 63A golf drive that is the most Affordable housing project and will let you to save your huge amount.

The project offers all the facilities that are must to live a good, comfortable and luxurious life. And, when your friends, relatives, colleagues and known come to your home then you can do some show off and there is no chance that they will not praise your choice. Sixty three A golf drive is promoted by the Bedarwals, who is a reputed name in the market and is known for offering the projects that are the best in the market.

Affordable Homes

This is the Haryana government approved affordable housing project that gives you a chance to save huge time and money. Now, you do not have to wander from one place to another for finding the house to live that is available in your budget. The 63A golf drive is a project that offers the all the amenities like there are several reliable schools, colleges, hospitals nearby and thus, you do not have to face any sort of problem while living here. Apart from this, the transportation facility is so good that you do not have to wait for more than five minutes to go from one place to another.

Are You Looking for Affordable Housing in Gurgaon ?

India is among the top in the race of developing countries of the world. Its economy is growing at a very high pace and the financial system is at the foremost of most of the newspapers and political discussions. The country is at a stage of economic transformation and is making its place in the world market. The population of the nation is also growing rapidly and is not under control. India is second most populated country in the world after China. The increasing populace has been creating accommodating problems for quite a while in the suburbs of India. There is a sharp need of affordable housing projects Gurgaon in the main cities of India.

Importance of Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the hub for IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) units. This city is developing at quite a healthy velocity and is among the top metro cities of the country. The metropolis offers a lot of opportunities to the newcomers who want to come and try their luck in this city. The real estate sector is on a rise, because of the rising number of inhabitants in the urban. Many reputed realtors like the Bedarwals have established their major projects in the town. The exquisite location of the city has a lot to offer to its people as the metropolis is far away from the rush of New Delhi.

63 Golf Drive

The recent project launched by the Baderwal group is in much demand because of their cost friendly residents. Gurgaon has a need of affordable homes for its people so as to eliminate all the accommodation problems. The sixty three golf drive is a perfect spot for those who are in search of luxurious yet affordable houses in the metropolis. The project is approved by the Government of Haryana under the affordable housing scheme. The residential place is flourished with all the modern amenities like power backup, free parking, gymnasium, clubs, swimming pool etc. 63 golf drive has created an revolution in the real estate sector of Gurgaon. The site is well accessible from all parts of the city and connecting to the capital city is also easy through the metro and national highways.